Me on Tuesday

It was another week of blue skies, sunshine and chilly temperatures.

  • I got my Marie Kondo on and started on the Spring cleaning. I’ve booked a slot at the local recycling centre and this week’s curbside recycling collection will be much larger than average.
  • I’ve been back to the garden centre for more plants. 🙂
  • I’ve chosen paint colours for the loft office, and the stairwell/landings and hall. I’ve gone bolder in choice of colour scheme than usual (in the theory that if we don’t like the end result, we can paint over it). The Brainy One has given me free-rein over the colour scheme.
  • I’ve submitted a photo for inclusion in an exhibition at Pitzhanger Manor about life over the last year.
  • We attended our first drive-in Air Show of the year.
  • I’ve been asked to contribute a guest post on Melissa’s blog. 🙂 I’ll share the details later of when it will go live.
  • I’ve booked a ticket for a virtual Meet the Authors event – Mhairi McFarlane and Beth O’Leary – and I’m excited to hear what they have to say.

13 thoughts on “Me on Tuesday

  1. Oh what lovely things you have planned!
    Your house is going to look fab after all the decluttering and redecorating, can’t wait to see what colours you have chosen. As you say, if you don’t like it when it’s done, it isn’t that much hassle to put a different coat of paint over it!
    Do you really have to book a slot at the recycling centre? I guess there’s been a lot of people decluttering over the past few months! Our centre has a live webcam stream so you can see how busy it is, and an update on the web page to say what the current wait time is, but I guess 50 cars could turn up in the time between checking the web and driving to the centre!

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    1. I checked the recycling centre just on the off chance and was surprised that we needed an appointment … in the end, it took us longer to load the car than the actual run to the tip!


  2. WOW you have been busy. Beautiful photo of the wisteria, which I would title as WOW! I chuckled because one thing you mentioned is going to be perfect for the SPSH (maybe two things)! How exciting to have one of your photos submitted for display.

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  3. Gosh, you have been busy, busy, busy! Crossing fingers for your photo :). Your home and garden sound as if they’re having a makeover – hoping you’ll post some photos. That’s a beautiful wisteria … Sadly. some up here were clobbered by our minus 4C temperatures and night frosts.

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  4. Your wisteria looks fabulous!! I had one in our first house here. It literally ripped the gutter off the house! When we moved to this house, I planted a couple in my side yard going up a tree. Apparently it’s too shady because it doesn’t bloom well. Can’t wait to see pictures after the “clean out” and painting!

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  5. Oh my, what a fantastic list of things going on! How FUN to have garden projects & indoor projects (new paint is always such a wonderful way to change things up) going on around there. I’ve started on a decluttering project as well – I emptied the “craft closet” & put everything out on (& around & under) the big table and we are going through everything. Some items are purged and organized and back in the closet, labeled nicely, of course. One large bag of trash thrown out & the recycling bin is full this week. But there’s still quite a bit to go through. We’re enjoying going through it as much of it is older family memorabilia that we’ve been needing to sort.

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    1. There’s a lot of sorting going on here still, mostly stuff that been boxed and stored in the loft for the last 12 years or so!
      It’s great to see floor space reappearing. 🙂


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