So we're here in the beautiful NE of Scotland with sib & her family for a long weekend. We had a good run from mum's house - leaving at 9.10am and arriving at 4.50pm, with a 30 minute stop at Stirling.I've brought my scrapping stuff in the hope that something will get done....


Remember what I said about only doing 2 or 3 DLOs about our holiday? Like that's going to happen...have printed off about 30 of the "best" shots already!! Ho hum!We're off gadding about again this week, currently at mum's picking up the pooch before heading North to Sib's house on Wednesday. DS is a little … Continue reading Monday

More Holiday Snaps

Goodness knows how I'm going to whittle down the photos into a managable number for scrapping. Ideally there'll be a DLO (or maybe 2) in the 2008 album & a DLO in DS's album and that'll be it. I think that in the end there will be a whole lot more than 3 DLOs!!