Month in Numbers | October

October half-term was 'oarsome' {ahem},because The Boy Child and I spent it in New York City.Central Park covers 843 acres of space in the middle of Manhattan.Even though we visited it twice, we probably saw less than 10% of it.It takes 60 seconds for the elevators at One, World Trade Center, aka Freedom Tower, to travel … Continue reading Month in Numbers | October

Exciting and Worrying in Equal Measure

Our niece, The Colombian, has been expecting twins. A pair of little brothers for Cachirulo. They were born a week ago. Unfortunately, they were born at 29 weeks. We're calling them Pequeňo Uno and Pequeňo Dos, Spanish for Little One 1 and Little One 2. They're going to be in the NICU for a few … Continue reading Exciting and Worrying in Equal Measure