Things He Says | The Say It How He Sees It (Part 2) Edition

"Mum, you look ugly when you're asleep.  Your mouth is open."Thanks,son.The directness that comes with autism can be a challenge.I know that he isn't being deliberately rude, but other people don't.He doesn't understand social mores and he has yet to work out he mightneed to think before he gives a voiceto his thoughts. And, in the spirit … Continue reading Things He Says | The Say It How He Sees It (Part 2) Edition

Dining Out

For the two nights we spent in an hotel this week, breakfast and dinner were part of our package.Pancakes with maple syrup and berry compote were a rare treat. Dinner both evenings was delicious. Pork medallions with sweet potato purée,apple tarragon and a cider cream.  Chicken breast with creamed cabbage and bacon, root vegetable purée,garlic and herb roasted potatoes and … Continue reading Dining Out

Then and Now

It had been 4 years since I was last able to have a chat over a cuppa with the lovely Sian.~ May 2011 ~We put that right on Wednesday afternoon. The Boy Child made himself at home.And fell ever so slightly in love.It won't be 4 years until the next face-to-face cuppa, I can assure you.

Mix Tape | 21st Century Style

When Mum left for Houston on Monday, she took a small fun gift with her for my sister. A mix tape, 21st Century style. A double CD case.Two half-size A4 photos.Journalling paper. Minimal amount of embellishments. Thirty songs on two CDs. What you might call an eclectic mix. A one-off original.Here's the full playlist: Rhinestone Cowboy - Glen Campbell For America - Red … Continue reading Mix Tape | 21st Century Style