IKEA | A Rite of Passage?

Earlier this week, I assembled a shelving unit bought from IKEA.It's the first ever self-assemble piece of furniture from IKEA that I've ever owned.I feel like a grown-up ... or not.Whatever. I bought it to replace an old bookcase which stood in our hall.The one where I tried to artfully arrange the bookcase's contents. And failed.Now I … Continue reading IKEA | A Rite of Passage?

Memos: Mail: Me

The Postie may have bought me the sweater I admired in a store last weekend.But I couldn't possibly comment ... As for the weekend, we walked along the river fromChelsea to Pimlico in glorious sunshine. Once in Pimlico, we enjoyed half an hour in Tate Britain. Where we had fun playing the "let's rename this painting" game.As you do.