What Caught Her Eye #9

Continuing my new series for Fridays: the contents of that Smythson notebook,one page at a time."If you think back and replayyour year and it doesn't bringout tears of joy or sadness,consider it wasted."John Cage{Usually, I don't add any comment to this series of posts.I let Mum's choice of words speak for themselves.This one however gave me a … Continue reading What Caught Her Eye #9

London Through My Lens | Barbican

The Barbican is a little like Marmite; you either love it or hate it.I fall somewhere between the two.   The architecture is often described as brutal,which, when compared to other areas of London, is a fair assessment.The Brainy One has a friend from university days who lives here.In the penthouse of one of the tower blocks, … Continue reading London Through My Lens | Barbican

On How A Book Became Part Of Shared History

The Thorn Birds was first published in Australia in 1977 and quickly became a bestseller.Mum's penfriend Kay read it and then sent her a copy.That parcel arrived at our house the same day as the book was published in the UK.  The gift tag is still inside the front cover.Scottie dogs were Kay's favourite.When I … Continue reading On How A Book Became Part Of Shared History