Me on Monday

It's been a:post drop-off tea and coffee drinking,window shopping,fridge filling,Christmas Drinks party invitation writing (yes, really),and birthday gift wrappingkind of Monday so far.And it's looking good for the rest of the week.This post is adapted from Sian's Me on Monday theme, which you can find on the fabulous From High in the Sky blog.

The Beauty of the Humble Postcard

I've always been a fan of the humble postcard.Right back to the days in the '70s when we went to holiday (usually to a friend's house, hardly ever a hotel) and sent postcards to our grandparents.Right back to the days in the '90s when I travelled a lot more with my job and for pleasure.Regular … Continue reading The Beauty of the Humble Postcard

Right Now …

Sometimes you have an idea for a blog post.One of those standby blog post ideas.For the days when you can't think of anything else.And then you find that Ali was having the same idea.1.  I drove the car today.  I took The Boy Child to school, along with the two bags of unwanted clothes and … Continue reading Right Now …

What Do You See?

I have two desks squeezed into my office space.One is home the the desktop PC and associated paraphernalia.The other is where I scrapbook.It means that I sit facing a wall.To brighten up my view I have the following:Three school photos of The Boy Child.A favourite photo of my dad, taken the year before he died.A … Continue reading What Do You See?