Photography Scavenger Hunt 2013: Round-up #2

Time for a round-up of how I got on this week.The first item ticked off was #14: stained glass object.  This is the window on our stairwell.Next up was #7: a sign that is funny, intentional or otherwise.  Every time I open the cupboard where the tea and coffee are kept, I chuckle.  Of course, … Continue reading Photography Scavenger Hunt 2013: Round-up #2

Simply a Moment

There we are, The Boy Child and me, cuddled up on the sofa together watching the highlights of Trooping the Colour.  The Brainy One is also on the sofa, but he has his head in the iPad, looking at the markets.  He makes a remark about Clare Balding being the BBC's person-to-call-for-all-things-equine.Then, from nowhere, I … Continue reading Simply a Moment