Brothers and Beer

There was a period of around thirty minutes last evening when I realised that I didn't like myself.Homework had not gone well.He was crying and saying he hated me.I was screeching like the proverbial banshee. The evening was saved for the both of us bythe friend-who-is-like-my-brother.Him, and the consumption of beer.By me. A side note:  I was asked … Continue reading Brothers and Beer

Five on Friday | The Starting Over Edition

The Boy Child and I are into our fourth weekat the new school.Here's a few initial thoughts from me.~ the school is behind this church ~1) Drop-off and pick-up are chaotic!  They probably aren't, it just feels that way.2) The other kiddos are super-friendly, their mums not so much.Only two have spoken to me and … Continue reading Five on Friday | The Starting Over Edition


With more than a hint of Autumn in the air,it's time for something a wee bit moresubstantial than your run-of-the-mill sandwichat lunch-time.Cheese and tomato on toast.A strongly flavoured mature cheddar,sliced cherry tomatoes and a generous dash ofLea and Perrin's.Food of the gods.

The Crafting Agony of Mini-books*

I've had cause this last week or so to make a personalised gift for The Boy Child to give someone.I start with good intentions and end wondering why I put myself through it. It's not the cutting of the cardstock. It's not even the design. It's the binding.I never, ever get the binding right on the first attempt.But I console … Continue reading The Crafting Agony of Mini-books*

Autism and the Everyday #4

There are some things about autism that are hard to live with.  It's all relative because, let's be honest, autism is hard to live with.Full stop. Let's talk language and specifically, echolalia.I'd never heard the word echolalia untilThe Boy Child started working with a Speech Therapist a few years ago.As he has made progress with language, The Boy … Continue reading Autism and the Everyday #4