Month in Numbers | April 2021

Was April awful or was it awesome? Let’s see what the numbers say:

41 walks with Tilly.

30 sessions of online Pilates.

16 online Step classes via YouTube.

30,020 steps walked by me on my busiest day. *

34th pint of blood donated.

The Brainy One and I received our 2nd dose of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine.

4 pieces of Happy Mail sent by me.

3 bags of clothes and books donated to Oxfam.

1 toenail surgery endured by The Boy.

9 re-dressings of the recovering toenail by me.

16 scrapbook pages created by me.

30 more days of the 100 Day Project completed.

2 sessions of baking.

3 overdue haircuts.

*This is how I reached that enormous Daily Step Count total: online Step class, walk to the supermarket, morning walk with Tilly, walk to the pub for lunch, walk to the charity shop to drop off donation, afternoon walk with Tilly. 🙂

Month in Numbers was the brainchild of Julie. You can see my previous Month in Numbers here.

10 thoughts on “Month in Numbers | April 2021

  1. I was wondering how you had managed that amazing step count! That online step class must be the answer! I do hope that the toe is healing nicely and he might be back in proper shoes now.
    Lots of positive things in your month and a beautiful photo of that pretty tree in flower.

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  2. What a month & I would vote on the awesome side of things. 30,000+ steps in one day is simply amazing. Hope TB’s toe has healed well enough that kicking a ball about is possible.

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  3. Such a bright page – love those sparkly numbers … Brilliant step total – you must hardly have sat down all day! Lots of creativity happening too – that’s a great total of layouts. Sorry to read about the toe … luckily you clearly have nursing skills :).

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  4. I cringe every time I think of The Boy’s toenail removal. My mom used to endure those regularly. But she said her nail was always dead so it didn’t really hurt. I cannot imagine that being the case.

    Glad for the hair cuts. And high five for being such a generous blood donor. I had Lyme disease so for awhile they turned me away but during Covid, that changed. Need to offer to donate again.

    Amazing number of steps walked, amazing number of Pilates and step classes and walks with Tilly. She is a lucky pup.

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