Photography Scavenger Hunt 2013: Round-up #4

I was able to box off almost all of the remainder of my list while in Florida.#1: open air market found in the lovely town of Celebration. #5: sunset found outside the front door of our villa.#11: animal found in zoo/aquarium/nature reserve.  I was spoilt for choice after visiting Disney's Animal Kingdom, Sea World and Busch … Continue reading Photography Scavenger Hunt 2013: Round-up #4

Scrapbook Saturday

This week saw the start of Ali's new class, Hello Story, at BPC and I was super impressed with week one's handout, which focused on story structure and the use of timelines.One idea was to showcase a selection of related photos, such as holiday photos, in a circular timeline format. If I'm honest, I've probably made … Continue reading Scrapbook Saturday