For The Love of Books | Currently Reading December 2019

I did very little reading throughout the month, but what I did read was written by Diana Gabaldon. So, in a different type of reading round-up, here's what's currently in my 'waiting to be read' pile (all were Christmas gifts): Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane: Family saga at its best. The Family Upstairs … Continue reading For The Love of Books | Currently Reading December 2019

December Daily 2019 | Days 16-20

Day 16: involved wrapping presents. Day 17: was about the Christmas Disco. I didn't take a great shot, so the trick was to simply work with what I had - go smaller on the photo and bigger on the filler cards. Day 18: was when I caught up with local friends for a cuppa and … Continue reading December Daily 2019 | Days 16-20

December Daily 2019 | Days 11-15

Day 11: was about the queue at the Post office and Day 12 had nothing to do with the festive season. Day 13: It was Christmas Jumper Day at school, raising funds for Save the Children. I met two of my pool ladies for a pre-Christmas get-together in the morning and in the early evening … Continue reading December Daily 2019 | Days 11-15

Sing-a-Long Christmas Carols

We had friends visiting last weekend and The Boy Child and I took them to brunch and the Sing-a-Long Carol Concert at Royal Festival Hall on London's South Bank. Christmas attire and Santa hats were the order of the day. The concert's presenter was Jonathan Cohen, a noted composer, conductor and performer and Louise Dearman … Continue reading Sing-a-Long Christmas Carols

Five Ways to Lessen the Stress of the Festive Season

Spread out your Christmas shopping: It is very easy to push the great task of Christmas shopping to the last minute. Don't! As soon as you can stomach the idea of planning, make a list of the gifts you will need to buy over the next few weeks. Add a 'buy by' date and stick to it. … Continue reading Five Ways to Lessen the Stress of the Festive Season

December Daily 2019 | Days 6-10

Day 6: was when I posted the largest batch of Christmas cards. I also added the Post Office's leaflet about Christmas posting times. Day 7: was when we hosted our Annual Non-Christmas Christmas Drinks Party. And as usual, I'm full of plans re photography but end up simply grabbing one or two images on my … Continue reading December Daily 2019 | Days 6-10