Happy Christmas

Before I switch off the blog for the Christmas break,I wanted to wish you all a very happy Christmasand to thank you for reading throughout 2016.The support you offered during what has been an incredibly difficult yearhas been much appreciated.You guys rock!I'll be back in early January with the final pages of December Dailyand my … Continue reading Happy Christmas

December Daily, 16th | The Met Police’s Christmas Tree Project

The Boy Child's school is supporting the Metropolitan Police's Christmas Tree projectand encouraged the pupils to donate gifts.All the gifts go to children and young adults who might not otherwisereceive anything on Christmas Day.The Boy Child and I chose to buy two gifts for a boy(s) aged 9-12 and he suggested football annuals.So that's what we … Continue reading December Daily, 16th | The Met Police’s Christmas Tree Project

December Daily, 13th | Christmas Windows

Some of our Christmas traditions are extremely simpleand cost the price of the tube fare.(And even then, The Boy Child still travels for free). Christmas windows in the West End are always worth a look.  The best this year, in my opinion, are those at Fortnum and Mason on Piccadilly.The worst are those at Harrods and Harvey … Continue reading December Daily, 13th | Christmas Windows

December Daily, 11th | The Nation’s Christmas Tree

Even though the weather has been consistently grey, we've made our annual trip to see the nation's Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square.                                                                   … Continue reading December Daily, 11th | The Nation’s Christmas Tree

December Daily, 10th | Dawnosaurs

We were out ridiculously early on Saturday morning!We were headed to South Kensington and the Natural History Museum by 7.15 am.  We were there for Dawnosaurs, the early opening for children with autism.Which meant we were able to see Dippy for a final time before he (she?)leaves to go on tour around the UK.The Natural … Continue reading December Daily, 10th | Dawnosaurs

December Daily, 9th | Christmas Cards

Every year I claim to send less cards.And while we now send less than when we were first married,I find I'm still writing some 70+ cards.{The Brainy One doesn't write a single card}In regard to December Daily, I took a photo of the first batchI wrote, addressed and stamped.  I then added this to the … Continue reading December Daily, 9th | Christmas Cards