Beautiful Barcelona | Photos

We were in Barcelona on 17th August.We were a mere block away from the tragedy,but were quite safe and well.Although obviously shaken, The Boy Child particularly so,we continued with our plans.We'd all fallen in love with how beautiful Barcelona was,and felt that by keeping calm and carrying on,we were honouring our new Spanish friends the … Continue reading Beautiful Barcelona | Photos

For the Love of Books | Currently Reading August 2017

I find it more difficult during the longer days of Summerto get stuck into a page-turner of a good read.That said, two recent gems have been Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterleyand The Heart's Invisible Furies by John Boyne.   Hidden Figures was initially recommended by a friend,but as a film I should see.  So I … Continue reading For the Love of Books | Currently Reading August 2017

Design Your Life 2.0 | Week 4

In Week 4 of Cathy Zielske's Design Your Life 2.0 class, we looked atthe principle of Emphasis/Contrast.There was also a look at Type, but as I don't make many hybrid pages,I've merely skimmed that section. Assignment One was, you've guessed it, about contrast/emphasis through the page design.Another simple design, but one that works well. Assignment Two was … Continue reading Design Your Life 2.0 | Week 4