Me on Tuesday | 2 May

It a was a week with a mixed-bag of weather, school closure and preparations for the Coronation.

Bunting outside the Town Hall
  • The Dell Engineer cancelled late in the day and rescheduled for the following day
  • I collected my newly-bereaved friend for a walk around our local parks with Tilly
  • I finally ordered the replacement part for our kitchen blind – something I should have done weeks months ago
  • The Dell Engineer came and replaced the keyboard on my laptop
  • I began work on the travel journal for this summer’s big trip – more on that nearer the time
  • I fixed the kitchen blind
  • School was closed for a day because of strike action by teachers
  • The Boy and I endured a telephone assessment of his needs – I was left feeling very upset and emotionally drained by the end
  • The Boy and I went into town to check on Coronation preparations – I would say that we’re almost ready to welcome the world
  • The Brainy One and I met up with our friend who was in town on a quick visit from Valencia
  • The Boy went to AEP
  • I spent an afternoon working on my New York City album – we have so many scrapbook pages and Project Life pages about New York, we decided to give them their own 12×12 album
  • We took Tilly on a two-hour walk along the Thames

4 thoughts on “Me on Tuesday | 2 May

  1. You had quite a varying week of activities & emotions. Helping your recently bereaved friend to stay engaged is such a gift to her. Yeah to getting the blind fixed & a new keyboard. I’ve been watching a particular British morning tv program & they are broadcasting from just outside Buckingham Palace with updates to all the Coronation prep work. I’m not sure why all the fuss about being invited to pledge homage to King III is about. Like any invitation, you do not have to accept. I get King Charles wants to be inclusive … I’ll say no more. 🙂

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    1. It seems to me that’s there’s a lot of noise around the coronation – everyone is entitled to do their own thing, there’s no need to shout about it.


  2. P and I do not share the same level of enthusiasm for the weekend’s events but he is willing to join in with the eating, drinking and socialising to celebrate the event!
    I am sure your friend appreciated you taking her out and about. It must be easy to find yourself not leaving the house in the early days of grief.
    Sorry to hear that the phone assessment was frustrating and upsetting for you. These things should not be so hard. Hopefully a little/lot of time spent on that album helped improve your mood!

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    1. In relation to all of last week, that telephone assessment was nothing really, although it felt a lot at the time.
      We’re partly using this coming weekend to see our oldest friends and to drive alcohol before lunch! 👑


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