Me on Monday

It was a quiet week, one where we were happy to stay mostly close to home.

  • We took friends to our favourite garden centre for brunch
  • We went out with Tilly twice a day
  • I requested a timeslot for the first parents/teacher meeting of the new school year. It will be over Zoom
  • We spent the morning with my sister-in-love, Cachirulo and Los Pequeños and I forgot to take a single photo
  • I spent time fantasizing about overseas travel during half-term

8 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. You were obviously having too good a time to take photos so that’s the best kind of reason!
    My sister has been in Portugal for the last three weeks and says she feels so much safer there than here! I just wonder how crowded the UK airports are going to be and how long the queues at passport control? It is tempting though!

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  2. It sounds like a very gentle week. Maybe you can fulfill the actual photo for a layout with things that would represent your visit with family & call the layout missed photos but not the memories 🙂 I even fantasized about travel, me, travel, but that’s what the restrictions do (col).

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  3. ‘Quiet’ and ‘happy’ sounds good, in my book :). Glad that things are moving forward on the school front too. I’d love to travel to see our family in Europe, but the mechanics of getting there and back through the funnels of airplanes and airports has really put us off. We’re thinking car ferry in the Spring …

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  4. That’s a lovely snapshot. I don’t dare dream of international travel, quite yet. And when we do, I think we will probably head north to Canada instead of overseas to Europe. The former is moving up the list because of its proximity to home.

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