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The room in our house used as a playroom for The Boy has long outgrown its purpose. Most afternoons Tilly could be found in there, curled up fast asleep in a sunny spot on the sofa.

After an initial consultation with The Boy, we’ve renamed it The Library and he and I have made choices about how to furnish the space. A piece of bespoke furniture was ordered in March, redecoration happened in late June and installation took place in early July.

The original white plastic light switch covers and the plug socket facias were changed by me for chrome ones. And after much deliberation, we settled on Valspar’s Bonjour for the walls – mainly because we had some left over from last summer and we like it. 🙂 As good a reason as any.

The Before Shot
The almost fully dressed bookcase

10 thoughts on “Home Décor | From Playroom to Library | Photo Heavy

  1. I actually like your old bookcases (and globe!). Did you find a new space for them? The new look has come together really well. Lots more storage/useful cupboard space and stylishly dressed. I’d love to make some bolder paint choices myself … which direction does the library face please?

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    1. The old bookcases have gone to my SiL’s home office and the globe is now in my office. It’s just that wee bit too tall to fit on a shelf.
      The cupboards are now home to jigsaws and board games, The Boy’s collection of pens, pencils and note books, and his collection of DVDs and audio CDs – I love that they are no longer on show.
      Our house is north-facing, with the library in the south east corner – one window faces east and the other faces south.


  2. WOW – what a transformation. The befores were all nice (the wall colour, the bookcases, the light pendant) but the upgrades all give the room a more mature, relaxed & with oomph atmosphere. You have mastered the bookshelf organization/display of prized items along with the books. I believe there is a new career path for you as interior decorating consultant.

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