Four Fun Things

Anticipating a lot more time spent outside over the next few months, I’m eyeing this coat from Canada Goose and hoping Santa might leave it under our tree.

A Promised Land will also be under the tree and later, on my bookshelf next to Michelle.

Check out Julie on Instagram – she hasn’t lost her talent for a superb scrapbook page. 🙂

Series 4 of The Crown has dropped – this series is the reason why a subscription to Netflix is worth having.

13 thoughts on “Four Fun Things

  1. I agree with you, that is a fabulous scrappage & I have taken note to scraplift. I will eventually read Barry’s book, but right now I’ve had an over abundance of American politics. Gorgeous coat. Netflix in a rural area (right now) isn’t compatible with our streaming abilities 😦

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  2. Rachel has a Canada goose coat (not that particular one which is ‘slightly’ out of her price range) and it is SO warm and waterproof – essential dog walking clothing I think 😉
    I’m only one episode in with this new series of The Crown, I’m going to try not to binge watch it!

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    1. I have my fingers crossed for that coat – Dear Santa, I’ve been a good girl … 🙂
      This newest season of The Crown is utterly brilliant! Enjoy.


  3. Julie’s page is indeed super :). We don’t have Netflix (can barely keep up with terrestial TV!) – I’ve not watched anything beyond the second series, as I did so love Claire Foy … Hoping you continue to enjoy being outdoors!

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  4. We’ve watched Season Four of The Crown – it’s so well-done, but we’ve decided the stories are mostly “downers”. I have laughed at all the news from the UK reminding people that the show is fiction. It paints the royalty in a terrible light, makes for good drama, and keeps everyone wondering which parts are really true. Entertainment at its finest, right.

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  5. What a coat!! I worked at an eBay store front for about a year. We posted listings on the database for all kinds of clothes. In the winter, we were snowed under (pun intended) with The North Face and Columbia jackets. And had a guide for pricing them. Then we got a couple of Canada Goose jackets and someone innocently priced one like a TNF. The boss went ballistic!! Ha!! Very nice jackets.
    Julie’s scrapbook page is superb. My sister and I want to scrapbook a page or two for Covid. I like the format she used of the circle with the words and images.
    Enjoying The Crown very much. Hate that Diana never found her true happiness.

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