Has Christmas Come Early This Year?

As much as I love Christmas, I tend to keep most Christmassy things for December. Except that I’ve noticed that things like writing Christmas cards has begun to slide into the tail-end of November these last few years.

Christmas cards were ordered online in October, as was my favourite festive pot pourri. I braved the Post Office for Christmas stamps in mid-November.

And with 2020 having been a year best forgotten about, I’m contemplating putting our tree up on Sunday, 29 November, the first Sunday of Advent.

How about you? Go early this year or stick with your usual traditions?

6 thoughts on “Has Christmas Come Early This Year?

  1. Oh it’s going to be this Sunday the 29th for the start of decorations; this year it’s start early, end later if not only for the lights twinkling in the darkest of the times.

    To the left of what I assume are Christmas Robin decorations, are those Sugarplums? Both very cute – did they find their way into your basket?

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  2. We normally decorate the weekend before Paul’s birthday which is the 12th but as that is a Saturday, maybe we will do it on the 5th this year. I feel like we need a little bit of sparkle and cheer in our lives earlier and from the look of some houses near us, I’m not the only one!

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  3. We started a little early this year! Normally we get the trees down from the attic the Friday after Thanksgiving (which is tomorrow here). But we already have two trees up and decorated, family gifts are purchased and gathered (still have a few to create), and cards are in process. I’m teaching an online class in early December, so I’ve written a Christmas devotional and created sample Bible journaling pages with Christmas trees. And I participated in a free ornament weekend a couple of weeks ago and created several hand made ornaments. I think it all just put me in the Christmas mood early. 🙂

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