Month in Numbers | January 2023

I’ve noted all my numbers this month, more out of habit than anything else. I seem to have run out of enthusiasm for making a Project Life style scrapbook page, so I’m simply going to record them here.

Let’s see what the numbers made of January.

  • 50 walks with Tilly
  • 31 sessions of online Pilates
  • 15 online Step classes
  • 25,490 steps walked by me on my busiest day – A Step class, a walk to the supermarket, a walk with Tilly, a walk to the charity shop and a second walk with Tilly
  • 7 scrapbook pages created by me
  • 3 pieces of Happy Mail sent
  • 5 occasions where we met with friends or family
  • 2 visits to the vet
  • 2 visits to the dentist
  • 1 haircut
  • 2 visits to the doctor
  • 11 thank you notes sent by The Boy
  • 3 bags of clothes donated to the charity shop

Month in Numbers was the brainchild of Julie. You can see my previous Month in Numbers here.

4 thoughts on “Month in Numbers | January 2023

  1. January was a busy month for you. 3 bags of clothes to charity – who’s closet got a tidy? or was that a bag from each of you? Hopefully neither you or Tilly need to see the doctor in February.

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    1. The Boy has grown again, hence the donations to the charity shop.
      Yes, I have my fingers crossed that none of us has to go anywhere near health care this month!


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