Me on Monday | 9 January | The Extended Version

The recent weeks have been a blur, full of festive festivities, family and close friends. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Winter sunrise
  • We applied for a new passport for The Boy
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent at home
  • The family gathered at my sister-in-love’s house on Boxing Day
  • We enjoyed an afternoon with one of The Boy’s godfathers and his wider family
  • We spent the New Year with our closest friends
  • The Boy went back to school
  • Christmas was packed away over the course of a week
  • We had lunch with my sister-in-love
  • The Brainy One and The Boy went to watch Brentford v West Ham in the FA Cup
  • We went out for a birthday dinner

8 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 9 January | The Extended Version

  1. That’s a lovely list of things that you have done since your last round up! I think that we are all so appreciative of being able to socialise again after the last few years and it sounds like you have filled your days spending quality time with family and friends.

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  2. It does seem like the last week has moved at light speed & so many Joyful activities. Happy Birthday wishes to TB; a teenager plus one – now this does mark time!! (col).

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  3. Have thought about The Boy and the direction his studies will take quite often this fall. Do you have a clear ‘road’ map for where he goes from here? I remember you mentioned being somewhat concerned or anxious about trying to find the right fit for him. Hope this new year bring you all much happiness.

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  4. What a splendid haul of special and enjoyable occasions to have tucked away in your memory banks – may there be plenty more joyful ones (great word of the year you’ve chosen!) in the months ahead.

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