One Little Word 2023 | Joyful

Twenty twenty three marks my/our 13th year of One Little Word.

This year’s word was not difficult to pin down – the word “joy” popped into my head in late December and made itself at home. But the more I thought about it, the more I heard Marie Kondo talking about “sparking joy.”

Joy became joyful.

Life is difficult right now for many of us. Between the noise, the worry and the general uncertainty, there is still room to be joyful.

Joyful will allow for a year of actively looking for the joy in the everyday, of new growth with fresh starts and readjustments. Events in my life that have left me feeling sad and/or disappointed can be released. I can look at things from a different perspective and allow myself to look through a new lens.

Joyful | full of joy: feeling, expressing, or giving joy.

What word will you carry with you throughout 2023?

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