Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 6

The album is rapidly filling up …

The Boy Child’s dental check-up has been included because even though things are different to how they were, it all felt so, well, normal.

The afternoon in town makes an appearance …

As does our road trip to South Lakeland

The final two entries are the Rule of Six and the return to school:

Given that we learned on the 22 September that Covid-19 restrictions are likely to be in place for at least another six months, Volume Two of the Covid-19 Journal is looking like a certainty.

8 thoughts on “Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 6

  1. This is gong to be such a precious piece of social history … your pages really show how every area of life is affected. I am very impressed that you can still get a dental appointment; our surgery has been designated an urgent care centre for the whole of the area and regular patients can’t get an appointment for love nor money …

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    1. Here’s the thing – we’ve only been able to secure a check-up for The Boy Child. Neither The Brainy One nor I can currently have a routine check-up. We can, however, see the hygienist (which we have done) and I was able to see the orthodontist.


  2. I like all the details about COVID Life in London. Right now our restrictions are changing by the minute & it’s all in aid of a “safe” Thanksgiving this weekend. The message is behave now to save Christmas! Are you getting commercials that show people wearing masks, adhering to the 2 metres apart as just part of the commercial not the sale/buy message part of the commercial? Now that brought a certain new normal question to my mind.

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  3. This is such an interesting journal, seeing exactly how things have changed, the relaxations, the new rules. Sunnily enough I’ll be at the dentist tomorrow morning, just for a hygienist appointment but I had also had a routine check up back in the summer. Typical, the one thing I’m most anxious about is the thing that doesn’t get cancelled!

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