Right Now …

Listening to: Nico’s playlist and Elgar’s Enigma VariationsNimrod is my favourite piece.

Watching: Michael Palin‘s travel programs via the BBC iPlayer.

Reading: everything by new-to-me author, Mhairi McFarlane (she’ll be mentioned in my For the Love of Books post at the end of the month).

Making: lists for Christmas – gift ideas (most of which will probably have to be purchased online), Christmas card recipients, menu ideas.

Thinking: about the distinct possibility of a Covid-19 vaccine.

Wondering: when the current US president will concede defeat in a dignified and graceful manner. (Reality makes me think that he may eventually concede defeat but it won’t be dignified or graceful.)

Planning: where we might go when overseas travel is feasible again. Canada, Bermuda (again), New York City (always), Bruges (last Easter’s supposed destination) and Switzerland are all in the frame.

Creating: the foundation pages for this year’s December Daily and inserts to the on-going Covid-19 journal.

6 thoughts on “Right Now …

  1. Oh won’t it be lovely when we can actually plan trips away again? Things sound very promising re vaccines, although what a huge thing to organise for the NHS.
    Hasn’t it been lovely to revisit all those Michael Palin programmes? I enjoyed them the first time and they are just as good second time around.
    I’m at the making lists stage too and just slightly wistful that many things will have to be online purchases. I’m going to try and support more independent online shops this year though, although I do seem to be visiting the John Lewis site on a frequent basis!

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    1. I remember Michael Palin’s Around the World in 80 Days being on SSVC, the Forces TV station, when I was in Germany … Sunday nights with my two best pals, mugs of tea and the two of them knitting up a storm as we watched. 🙂

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  2. I’m right there with on preparing for December Daily; online shopping & online Christmas pageants and/or concerts. I am preparing now that it will probably be a COVID Christmas lockdown for us in Canada, so I’m looking to get now some treats that will carry us well into holiday celebrating. I must check our your playlist favourites & new to me author. Your current wondering about the current president… I am thinking that there are many wondering if that is even possible. Past behaviour often predicts future behaviour

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    1. I’ve already begun collecting ‘treats’ for Christmas and storing them in our spare bedroom (the coolest room in the house and well away from Tilly) … 🙂
      Every time I hear or see the news, I think “is this moment he concedes?” … only to be disappointed.

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  3. You seem to be getting yourself very well prepared for the festive season, Ruth. Gosh, the thought of travelling feels so far away at present … I’m going to have to get my skates on for Christmas as it became clear chatting to my DD last night by phone that, all Covid things being equal, she is expecting to come here for Christmas with her husband and our little grand-daughter and that, if possible, his parents will be coming too for Christmas day :). That will all be perfect, of course, and I’m delighted! Time to get those lists started …

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