Life in Lockdown | Northern Roadtrip – Ulverston

I have been visiting the South Lakeland market town of Ulverston for about 45 years. I spent part of every Summer holiday here in the late ’70s and early ’80s.

As an adult, I’ve been here for weddings, several significant birthdays and funerals. I brought The Brainy One here a few months before we got married. I brought The Boy Child here as a baby.

There are very few High Street chains. Many shops are closed Sunday and Monday. People know each other and look out for one another.

You can climb Hoad Hill. You can visit the world’s only Laurel and Hardy museum.

You can be looking down on Lake Windermere within half an hour. You can walk to Morecombe Bay in around 40 minutes from the town centre.

There’s something about Ulverston that feels like home. I swear I can feel my heart squeeze ever so slightly as Hoad comes into view.

12 thoughts on “Life in Lockdown | Northern Roadtrip – Ulverston

  1. There are places that we just know we belong & its seems Ulverston is that place for you. How marvelous to be able to visit easily & often. I also had a chuckle to see the statue of Laurel & Hardy wearing a mask. I imagine anyone just moving to Ulverston would find shops closed for 2 days in a row, odd (possibly annoying) but in the end wouldn’t that be one of the reasons you would move there – that life pauses readily & allows that deep breathe in & then out

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