Four Fun Things

The final part of Hilary Mantel‘s trilogy about Thomas Cromwell has a release date and I have it on pre-order.

Annabel’s, Berkeley Square

London has been in bloom! The Chelsea Flower Show has been and gone, but many stores in Chelsea and the West End have pulled out all the stops for the occasion. You can see last year’s Chelsea in Bloom here.

Chelsea Pensioners on Parade

We were invited to the Governor’s Parade (the dress rehearsal prior to Founder’s Day) at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. It was tremendous fun! (A separate post is on the cards.)

My brother appeared (briefly) in a TV program! You should be able to find it via Channel 4’s catch up service.

5 thoughts on “Four Fun Things

  1. So pleased your brother made the final cut! That rose covered building is absolutely beautiful, must have taken so long to decorate it like that but worth every moment.

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  2. How fun is that – your brother an actor & on TV. That building covered in roses is amazing, I’m sure it smells wonderful. What a moving moment to see the Chelsea Pensioners on parade in their finery.

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    1. My brother is an engineer who was working on a Dakota restoration project – his piece to camera didn’t make the final cut, but he can be seen in a few background scenes.


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