Dinner at The Savoy

The Brainy One and I had the rare opportunity recently to go out for dinner with friends … at the Savoy Hotel in London’s West End. In honour of the occasion, I wore a dress and heels.

Entrance to the Savoy Hotel

We arrived about 30 minutes before our reservation time, in order to enjoy a cocktail or two in the beautiful surroundings of the legendary American Bar. It didn’t disappoint.

The American Bar (source)

The American Bar is the oldest surviving cocktail bar in Britain, first welcoming guests for its popular ‘American-style’ drinks in 1893. It has been voted World’s Best Bar numerous times.

I’d been full of grand ideas about taking a ton of Instagram-worthy photos … didn’t happen. We had such a good time that my phone was forgotten about until we were ready to pay the bill.

The aftermath of dinner for four

My childhood friend and I tried the glamorous-ladies-in-the-loo-selfie, but I think we (I) may need to work on that.

Nothing glamorous about this at all …

While the setting was lovely, the menu was fairly standard and the service ordinary. The sommelier brought the wrong wine and my friend had to send her steak back, because she’d ordered medium-rare and it arrived well done. (I know, First World problems.)

The Savoy Grill is now part of the Gordon Ramsey empire and I think that might be part of the problem – trading on past glories and not enough attention to detail. That said, we did enjoy our evening and I think the Savoy Grill is a great place to try once.

5 thoughts on “Dinner at The Savoy

  1. I like your selfie & how the way with the mirrors just right, it goes on forever (as all good friendships do). Fun to have those times to get dressed up & celebrate with friends.

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