Over the Weekend

In order to beat the long queues, we headed into town early on Saturday.  Our destination was the Churchill War Rooms in Westminster (there’ll be a full post on our visit later this month). Perhaps unsurprisingly, thanks to this film, they are now featuring highly on visitors’ must-see lists.IMG_E0702 (2).JPGFrom there, and after stops for a snack and lunch, it was a short walk to Europe’s largest bookshop.  The Boy Child is lucky enough to have a not inconsiderable amount of money in the form of book tokens to spend.  We hope that he never loses his love for the written word.

Sunday was a typical close-to-home day: a walk to the park, checking that homework is complete, a swimming lesson.  The Boy Child seems happy with a 50:50 split of one day of activities and one day near to home.


2 thoughts on “Over the Weekend

  1. My son was never happier than when in a branch of that particular bookstore browsing for books. A love of books is a precious quality. Jon now works for a publishing company in the city – as you can imagine, he’s as happy as a pig in … clover! I can imagine how that film has sparked a lot of interest in that destination.


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