Recording My One Little Word in 2018

There was a time when every January, I signed up for Ali Edwards’ year-long One Little Word workshop.  It invariably went one of two ways:  I stopped participating after 3 or 4 months, because I felt Ali’s suggestions weren’t working for me, or I finished the 12 months and had a skinny (and usually odd-sized) album I didn’t particularly care for.

IMG_0617.JPGLast year, very little happened with my word.  Having chosen to stick with the same word for a second year, I’d determined to be more proactive with it. IMG_0592Enter the humble Traveler’s Notebook.  Simple.  Easy.  Perfect.  There are 28 double pages, so more than enough to record a year of nourishment, wouldn’t you say?IMG_0618.JPG

IMG_0619.JPGI was then left with the dilemma of what to record … but in the end, it was actually quite easy to decide on what to include.  Trips away (home and abroad); my monthly reading list; walks in the park with The Brainy One; coffee with friends.

I’m looking forward to it being satisfyingly fat at year’s end.

6 thoughts on “Recording My One Little Word in 2018

  1. Your TN for OLW is looking good. Great photo of you. Pages look to have a perfect balance of info & embellishments. I have only done Ali’s OLW course once & it did not speak to me the way I had hoped. I am making notes throughout the month on my relationship with my word of 2018, Focus. I think I will be borrowing your Word for the next few days as I try to nourish myself back to health.


  2. Oh, it looks wonderful already! The TN is such a manageable format, isn’t it? I’ll be looking out for more little peaks as you and Nourish walk along together this year. I’ve not engaged with Ali’s OLW this year either …


  3. The traveler’s notebook is a great idea & I like your choices of what to record!! I finally decided on my OLW notebook set up yesterday & just have a few bits to finish so I can share it.


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