Weekday Walk | Mayfair’s Blue Plaques

6 Chesterfield Street, Mayfair

Having arrived at Bond Street on the Elizabeth Line, we needed something to do and settled on seeing how many blue plaques we could find in an hour in Mayfair‘s surrounding streets.

We found 19 blue plaques without really trying, less than a third of all of Mayfair’s blue plaques – it seems that historically, the great and the good based themselves firmly in Mayfair.

5 thoughts on “Weekday Walk | Mayfair’s Blue Plaques

  1. I can see why Mayfair is a favourite wandering of yours. I visited the Blue Plaques link you shared – that was a bit of a rabbit hole. I plan to go back & visit that site, lots of interesting tidbits. I also envision a day when your home has a blue plaque to celebrate you – bloggest extraordinaire!

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    1. Haha, my own blue plaque would be great, except I would have to be dead! I have thought of having a blue plaque on our house which says that no-one of interest lives here!


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