London’s Little Venice in Autumn

The Boy suggested taking Tilly to Little Venice. I correctly translated this as him wanting to go on the Elizabeth Line again.

He knows that Little Venice is my favourite place in London and that Autumn is the season that suits Little Venice best. He also knows that the Elizabeth Line is the quickest way to get there.


We were lucky with the weather, as the sun came out and the rain held off. It was mild enough to sit outside at the barge café. I don’t think we will be frequenting the café in the future … check out the prices!

9 thoughts on “London’s Little Venice in Autumn

  1. Sounds like his choice of destination was a great compromise for you both – you get to go back to somewhere you love, Tilly gets a nice journey out and TB gets to take another E Line tube trip – perfect!
    £3.20 for one cupcake? No, I don’t think I’d be choosing there for a mid morning cuppa either!

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  2. What a pretty spot to visit on a glorious Autumn afternoon & as Deb says, it was a win for all involved. Yikes those prices (I also converted to Canadian dollars = $5.02). It’s the same this side of the pond, extremely high prices plus now “we” are expected to tip heavily for everything, even take away, at 20% or more. Sorry I’m not the pandemic recovery team.

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    1. I have found that it is only when you go to a café or such like that you notice the huge increase in prices … somehow the increase at the supermarket isn’t as obvious, if that makes sense.


  3. I love your posts so much. I’ll be coming to London in 2023 for the first time since the Pandemic. I have a long list of new places that I want to visit–many, thanks to your posts! Can’t wait to have the cream tea at the Waterside Cafe! What an unusual area!

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