Scrapbooking in 2022 | Wedding Layouts

I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion that when I began scrapbooking, I was rubbish. No two ways about it. I was terrible.

During my recent weekend at Crop in the Country I used the time between classes to work on redoing the pages featuring our wedding.

I chose to reuse my favourite designs, scraplift a few designs I’d bookmarked on Instagram and take inspiration from the weekend’s classes.

I was in two minds about the title page and faffing about, when The Best Friend suggested I used that popular circular design. So I did. 🙂

My favourite grid has made an appearance. 🙂

That’s The Best Friend and my sister

As has a scraplift of a recent favourite class.

I’m using the new Lots of Love range from Doodlebug Design for a cohesive look. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Scrapbooking in 2022 | Wedding Layouts

  1. Wonderful happy photos. Remember when you began scrapping, the products, the style was not readily available as it is now. Your original pages are lovely, & you worked with what you had. Oh what fun to re-do & re-live those moments. What’s the saying … “you’ve come a long way baby!” The grid layout was the layout on the table when the photo of you & B.F. was taken wasn’t it? I’ve used the grid layout on two recent layouts.

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