The 100 Day Project | 100 Days Later

The 100 Day Project is over for this year and I was creative for every one of those 100 days. Some days, it was a whole load of journaling for The A-Z of Me: Abridged Version; on others, it was merely moving a few photos around on a sheet of cardstock while I thought about placement and embellishments.

My goal was to finish numerous UFOs and I was reasonably successful in that –

  • The wedding album is complete 🙂
  • All the gaps in The Boy’s albums have been filled

Where I was not remotely successful was with the non-traditional scrapbooking projects –

The 100 Day Project is proof that being creative on a regular basis needn’t take up hours of each day; five minutes can be just as productive as five hours. 

I’m already thinking about next year’s 100 Day Project.

8 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project | 100 Days Later

  1. Well done! 100 days – that’s quite some achievement! You are so right, five minutes can be just as productive as much longer periods of time and you cannot force creativity if you aren’t in the right mindset that day. It must feel good to know that you have finished those UFOs.

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  2. You did really well with being creative every day. I think you have found a really creative outlet for the Maggie & Kay letters. Top of my UFOs to finish was my COVID album/journal, but alas I didn’t, I couldn’t do too much for any length of time, it was too depressing, so I’m having a re-think about the project. But most of my other UFOs got done & a lot of that was journaling.

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    1. I understand your feelings around your COVID journal, as I think I’m experiencing something similar with the Maggie & Kay letters.
      I also think that I was a little too ambitious with my list of UFOs for the 100DP.

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