The 100 Day Project | Twenty Five Days In

A quarter of this year’s 100 Day Project has now passed and I’m on track with ticking off several items from my list of unfinished objects. 🙂

I have not made a scrapbook layout each day. Some days I might have printed out a few photos or taken a few photos for a 100 Day Project blog post, other days it might have been simply a spot of journaling.

6 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project | Twenty Five Days In

  1. That must be a great feeling of satisfaction to be making progress on so many fronts. I’ve never done ‘Me: An Abridged Version”, though I’ve thought about it – hoping you can share a bit more on it, and why you’re redoing it. I went back to read the post about the Royal Ballet School project, and as always so admire your ability to keep useful things and retell stories. A trio of happy photos!

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    1. A little and often is the key for me, I find.
      I’ll write up a post about Me: The Abridged Version soon – I think it’s a project you would like, something for your grandchildren to read and enjoy!


  2. Is it already 25 days in … you are making great strides in the UFOs. I have plans for this Saturday as a “don’t bother me unless there is a fire or someone is bleeding” & my focus is the Pandemic layouts. I thought appropriate since it is the 2 year anniversary of our first lockdown. Like both Alexa & Deb, I’m looking forward to more about the Me: The Adbridged Version redo 🙂

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