The Boy’s Top Tips For Eating Out Successfully

When The Boy was younger we often attempted to go out for dinner and it was usually very stressful and not very enjoyable. Now, with The Boy a fully-fledged teenager, we tend to let him choose the venue and timings, within reason, when we go out to eat.

Here’s a short list of things The Boy claims makes for eating out successfully. 🙂

  1. Go early. The best time for a family dinner out? 5.30 to 6 PM, because it’s not too crowded and I’m not too hangry.
  2. Let me order for myself. I know what I want to eat (no more kids’ menu for me) and I also know it is a good way for me to practice talking to people. However, I reserve the right to ask you to place my order if I am feeling overwhelmed.
  3. Consider a quiet restaurant. I don’t like crowded places and I don’t like a lot of conversational noise or loud music.
  4. Request the bill early. Please ask for the bill at the same time as ordering dessert. I don’t like waiting around once I have finished eating. You can have that post-dinner pot of tea at home.

6 thoughts on “The Boy’s Top Tips For Eating Out Successfully

  1. Do you know, I think along the same lines! Since lockdown our dinnertime has steadily crept forward to 6pm and now if we go out for a meal with friends and the table is booked for 8 it feels very late to be eating! Isn’t it amazing how you tend to become invisible to waiting staff once you reach the point of ‘can we have the bill please?’
    All in all, great advice here!

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  2. First, that photo of your meal – looks very delicious. I think TB’s advice is much to our own style. I have never liked to eat dinner past 6pm, otherwise I’m going to be hangry & then I am going to bed on too full a tummy. 🙂

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  3. The meal looks yummy!
    I agree with the rules. I don’t like eating too late and I don’t like waiting ages for food to actually arrive. I am diabetic (and need to inject insulin before I eat) and need to eat regularly. That’s why it’s easier to eat at home.
    Lunch is better for me, no insulin needed then.

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