Me on Monday | 21 February

It was half term week.

  • The Boy and I spent a morning in the military history sections of Waterstones, Piccadilly and Hatchards 🙂
  • The Colombian and I arranged a date to celebrate two family birthdays
  • The Boy and I went to the cinema to see the superb Belfast
  • The Boy and I spent a night at my club
  • The Boy and I went to the National Army Musuem – I particularly enjoyed the temporary exhibition Foe to Friend
  • The Brainy One and The Boy spent a day at Duxford
  • I updated my CV – there’s a possibility for change in my real-world working life
  • I began listening to The Coming Storm from Radio 4/World Service via BBC Sounds
  • We battened down the hatches as Storm Eunice arrived
  • I was mildly obsessed with Olympic curling
  • I scrapbooked 🙂
  • I helped The Boy make Jammie Dodgers

6 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 21 February

  1. What a busy half term! You always plan so many great excursions, thank goodness Eunice didn’t arrive until Friday so you were able to do everything you planned.
    Updating your CV – sounds like a new chapter is likely to be starting – good luck! Always a little bit daunting at first but it’s good to have a change in routine.

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    1. We had a good week, and I’m grateful that we had reasonable weather for it.
      That new chapter might not be starting any time soon. but I think it will be beginning at some point this year …


  2. So much a happening in This West London Life … I think the exhibition of Foe to Friend would be of great interest to Mr Man & myself. Belfast sounds interesting. Updated CV – that all by itself is exciting/scary/loaded. That’s the thing about the book of life, each chapter is a page turner.

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  3. I LOVED Belfast!! I never really understood that conflict, but seeing the results was pretty eye-opening to me. That darling little neighborhood got along just fine without outside influences. What a shame that people couldn’t just be left alone to live in the peace they were enjoying!

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