Me on Monday

Anxiety levels rose with the latest Covid news and we began preparing for our Christmas plans to be curtailed.

Lower Regent Street
  • I had a Zoom meeting about a reference I’d written for someone
  • I had a uncomfortable and somewhat expensive visit to the orthodontist
  • Although the Covid news is beyond grim, I was buoyed by the news that I can book an appointment for The Boy to receive his second dose from today
  • A new washing machine was delivered – joy of joys. 🙂
  • All three of us had haircuts
  • The Boy finished school for the Christmas break. Fingers crossed schools reopen in the New Year …
  • I went to the salon to have my eyebrows done
  • I booked tickets for The Boy and me to see West Side Story next week … current Covid situation notwithstanding
  • We joined my sister-in-love to watch the Strictly Final – pizza, bubbles, Santa hats and negative lateral flow tests were the order of the day
  • I spent an afternoon cyber-cropping with The Oldest Friend 🙂

8 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. I think we are all holding our breath aren’t we? Something is on the cards, it’s just a matter of when it starts. Hope that you manage to do all the things you have planned. This feeling of uncertainty is horrible isn’t it? You want to think that you are able to do things again, but daren’t look forward too much just in case the rug is pulled from under your feet again. One day at a time …

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  2. It’s a good thing that we are all becoming comfortable with Zoom for work & for gathering with friends. This Omicron COVID variant is scary! Friday & Sunday saw more restrictions re-introduced for us in Ontario. Gatherings indoors are now capped at 10 – professional or personal; outside gatherings is capped at 25. Many restaurants in our area took the initiative & closed to indoor dining & once again do just take aways. Churches are cancelling many Christmas services. Parents have been warned about the possibility of online school again after the holidays (Jan 10th). We are of an age now that a new appliance makes us very happy. OUCH to the ortho guy. Was the pocketbook also hurt? (col). Vaccine clinics have ramped up to mass productions once again (18 yrs+) – we’ll be attending our own west side story this week – a vaccine clinic in the city west of us.

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  3. Plenty of celebratory events in your week :). That photo of Regent Street is wonderfully festive! I’m admiring your ability to book to go to anything in the theatre – I haven’t felt able to go to any event at the theatre or cinema since Covid 19 began :(.

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  4. It is such a bummer to be in this waiting stage again, isn’t it!

    A few things are being cancelled here, but for most people it’s just business as usual. We’re happy staying home away from the crowds everywhere, although we’ve had several family visits here that were thoroughly enjoyed. My parents will join us for Christmas day. We decided several months ago that we would be celebrating our anniversary at home (despite having planned for the past few years to celebrate in Banff as it’s our 20th), and now I’m glad we didn’t schedule anything because we’d likely be cancelling plans anyway. We’ll just make the best of it – the weather’s great so we’ll grill out some steaks and Robbie will replicate the potato salad we discovered at Earl’s in Banff. 🙂

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    1. We had Banff on our list for travels next summer, fingers crossed, but our friends aren’t really outdoorsy types so it was bumped in favour of Toronto.
      The waiting is the worst. I don’t fancy more restrictions, but at least we would know …


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