A Tale of Two Strictlys

The Boy Child and I love the arrival of Autumn … because it means the return of Strictly Come Dancing to the Saturday and Sunday evening TV schedules.  This year, we have enhanced our viewing pleasure by holding a WhatsApp conversation during the Saturday show with friends who live 200 miles away.

We spend the whole show offering up a live critique/commentary.  We also pass comment on the dresses and whether they would pass the test of being wearable on the supermarket run … they usually don’t … thumbnail[2].pngFor the length of the program, we become, you know, experts.

Sometimes, there maybe be a screen shot included of one of the male pro dancers* … just because.thumbnail[1].pngHave you ever ‘watched’ a TV program with someone who in reality is miles away?  You should try it … it’s a lot of fun.

* The male pro dancer featured is Pasha Kovalev.

11 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Strictlys

  1. Oh yes! Every weekend! It’s fun to share your opinions with someone else who shares your enthusiasm. My husband is normally in the same room as me but doesn’t have *quite* the same interest as my friend Dani so is rubbish at commenting on routines, outfits or six packs 😉
    I saw Pasha on stage a few years ago when he came to our local theatre as part of his nationwide tour. There weren’t an awful lot of men in the audience!


  2. My friend and I bitch-text to Strictly most weeks, usually slating the costumes and lack of proper ballroom and cheering on the underdog/older contestant and switching allegiance at a moments notice. It makes it much more fun! Pasha’s tour came to our tiny regional theatre last Spring, so my daughter and I went along to see him. He was very sweet with his interaction with the predominantly older, female audience – any men there seemed to be there as the family taxi driver and were very tolerant of the fan-girling going on around them!


  3. That’s funny & a great way for connection. I’ve never watched Strictly. My friend(s) & I don’t watch the same shows … plus with the 2 hour time difference it would be hard to comment at the same time.


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