December Daily | Days 11-15

Day 11: was a quiet day walking the dogs in the woods.

Day 12: The Boy and I went into town to see the Christmas windows and displays.

Day 13: was an unnoticed Elvis the Elf and I paired this entry with a 4×8 filler page.

Day 14: was the day when I donated a basket of groceries and cash to Food Bank.

Day 15: was about the latest grim Covid news.

December Daily | My favourite project of the year.

6 thoughts on “December Daily | Days 11-15

  1. I chuckled at Elvis’s wild reindeer ride. Once again you have lots of things going on in your DD. I know that 90% of what I do for this festive season is for me & I just take the rest along for the joyous ride. Tonight’s festive activity is the Winter Solstice Dinner – the dress code is blue to tie in with my table settings – gotta look good for the photos (lol). And yes I have the “perfect” matching scrap paper …

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    1. I think you have the right approach – “I know that 90% of what I do for this festive season is for me & I just take the rest along for the joyous ride” – I’m adopting it! 🙂
      Also, good to know that I am not alone in being known to stage a photo or two jut so I can then put them on a scrapbook page!


  2. Every day I turn on the news and expect to hear that Christmas is cancelled – again. I can’t believe that we’ll get past the 26th without new restrictions. It’s a fine line between being cautiously looking forward to a couple of days of family fun and anxiously waiting to be told it isn’t going to happen! Every day I hear of someone else who will be isolating over the weekend, today it was my niece’s 9 year old son which effectively spoils my sister’s plans 😦
    How funny that you are the only one noticing the escapades of the Elf!

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  3. Such lovely colourful spreads – and your young man graces them beautifully. I can’t believe how tall he is now … And that total of Covid cases has been superceded again, of course … I love the way you incorporate current events too.

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