Month in Numbers | September

Did September turn out to be sensational?  Let’s take a look at the numbers …


The Boy Child moved to Secondary School and began Year 7.

1 wedding invitation received.

505 photos taken this month, mostly on my dSLR camera.

12 pieces of Happy Mail sent.

9 days with a four-legged friend in our house.

360 lengths in the gym’s pool.

30 lessons learned throughout the month.

22,869 was my highest daily step count.



4 thoughts on “Month in Numbers | September

  1. A very cheerful layout. I like the crinkle letters & numbers & the give thanks & apple card I am sure I have in my stash which was recently pulled out for 31 Days of Thankful. That’s a lot of steps in one day! A wedding to look forward to; a new hat per chance?


  2. That’s a pretty amazing step total! And an equally impressive number of lengths in the pool … Lovely autumnal colours and I really like that textured look on the letters.


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