Photography Scavenger Hunt 2018 | Link Up #4

Mary Lou of Patio Postcards is again hosting the Photography Scavenger Hunt this year and today is the fourth and final official link-up. You can find this summer’s list here.

Here are my final missing items:

2)  Stripes: Book spines. thumbnail[2] (5)

8) A Pile Of: A stack of books waiting to be re-shelved in Daunts.thumbnail[4]

 17) Repurposed: the one that gave me the most difficulty … plant pots made to look like a man/scarecrow (I can’t decide which).IMG_E3934.JPG

Alternate A: a shopping bag (not the store’s plastic): a linen bag from Daunts.thumbnail[1] (19)

Alternate B: A coupon to use: We have a subscription for a daily newspaper (print media, how old school).  We give the newsagent the dated coupon and they give us the newspaper.thumbnail[1] (20)

Want to see what my list looked like after three months in my bag?thumbnail[1] (23)

Thanks, Mary Lou, for another fabulous Scavenger Hunt!  Same time next year?

5 thoughts on “Photography Scavenger Hunt 2018 | Link Up #4

  1. Ruth I’m so glad you enjoyed the hunt & thanks for joining in, you had some amazing finds. I like your Harry Potter repurposed … stripes have been my hardest find so far. I said no more lists, but I’ve already got a list started for next year, so it’s true never say never …


  2. I’m old enough to think that number 17 looks like Bill and Ben, the Flowerpot Men! Now I’ve shown my age! You have some great finds here I especially love your take on stripes – brilliant. Isn’t it a fun project? I really look forward to it every year.


  3. A great selection. Seeing a pile of books always makes me want to read the bottom one! I love the state of your list! The only way I have managed to keep mine pristine is by keeping it on my phone!


  4. Hello and sorry it’s taken me so long to get here! I’ve been having a nice read, not just of the SPSH posts. I really like the flower pot man. (He needs someone to put his face back! Flobbalobbalob!)


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