Design Your Life 2.0 | Week One

Design Your Life by Cathy Zielske is up and running,
and Week One introduced the idea of symmetry and asymmetry on scrapbook pages.
    The first assignment was to produce a symmetrical layout using a grid design.
I used recent photos of The Boy Child to tell a story from over 
twenty years ago. Isn’t it great when a photo from today sparks  
remembrance of a story from yesterday?
Clicking on the first image should allow you to read the story.
{Look up Cockney rhyming slang if you’re not sure of the title.}
Assignment two was, as you’ve probably guessed, to produce an asymmetrical layout.
Hybrid and a ton of white space is not my usual style but I think it works.
My text could be better spaced and larger, but those will come with practice.
This isn’t the sort of layout I would usually put together,
so I feel I’ve already put a tick in the box just by attempting this assignment. 

3 thoughts on “Design Your Life 2.0 | Week One

  1. Both layouts are clear, easy to read, find the photos. I like a grid pattern to a layout for the photos & your example is perfect, ticks all those boxes & that bit of glitter in the title letters brings it to another level. You are star scrapper. I tried reading the High Barnet story with a Cockney accent (lol). Great photos of the TBC


  2. I love these pages – as a Clean and Simple scrapper, your design and use of space and colour soothes my soul! I did this course first time round and absolutely loved it, and learned so much; hoping it is a great experience for you too. Golly, he is growing up. Just seen that adult jawline clearly for the first time.


  3. Great layouts!! I posted my hybrid asymmetrical layout on my blog today, then created a digital one. Hoping to work on the symmetrical one tomorrow!


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