The Little Things

There are a number of things in my house now that were once in Mum‘s house.
A piece of furniture, an ornament or two, this and this.
But which thing of hers brings me most comfort?
This key ring.  
Once Mum’s estate had been wound up, I remembered to ask
 if I could have it, and it arrived yesterday.
When my siblings and I left home in the 1980s, 
Dad said we could keep our house key until we got married.
I don’t believe he ever imagined that I would be well in to my thirties before that happened for me.
The day before The Brainy One and I were married, we hosted an Afternoon Tea
for the bridal party – parents, best man, bridesmaids and ushers.
We gave out the traditional gifts and I threw in a surprise for Mum.
I returned my key on this self-same key ring, packaged up
in a box and a big bow.
She used it everyday for the rest of her life.
And see that Yale key with the green cover?
It opens Mum’s front door.  I borrowed it during the time Mum was ill, 
and I was back and forth, somehow forgetting to leave it behind.
When I did eventually come across it (in my jewellery box, for some reason),
I asked if it was needed for the new owners and was quietly pleased to learn that it wasn’t.
I can be trusted not to startle the new owner by letting myself in.      

6 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. What a lovely post. I can remember being trusted with a key once my sister was old enough to not necessarily come straight home from school. Only the side door though. Up until then I had to hover in the garden until she got home!
    I don't recall giving it back but now I have become a trusted key holder again just in case mum is ill and I need to get in. How life goes round.


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