What Constitutes a Scrapbook Page?

When you’re done with sticking down photos, adding embellishments 
and composing the journaling in your head, 
does it still count as a scrapbook page if and when you realise
 that you haven’t added any patterned paper?

 I have photos and (will have) words.

 I have plenty of colour on the page.
And I have a dog.

So, I’m going to say that yes, it counts as a scrapbook page.
What say you? 

One thought on “What Constitutes a Scrapbook Page?

  1. ha ha ha. Even though our great scrapping sages are on summer break, I am sure they would agree with a resounding yes to this fabulous scrapbook page. I think it's perfect especially since the photos & embellishments tell the story perfectly. Love that photo of the dog in the low right hand side of the page. Ruth you may start a new trend!


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