It’s done.
I survived.
The Brainy One and I went into school for The Boy Child’s first review meeting.
It’s true to say that I was worried about it.
Who wants to listen to two hours of negative comments about their child?
But the actuality of it was completely different.
The Brainy One is an excellent public speaker and used to lecturing all day to a group of strangers.  He doesn’t bat an eyelid.
He put forward our case for more supported hours for The Boy Child eloquently.
The Headmaster agreed with him.
We left the meeting with both of us feeling positive and hopeful.
Now we wait.
And while we wait, The Brainy One took me to lunch.

We went to a gastropub just around the corner from where we live.
Wholesome, home-cooked comfort food was called for.

It didn’t disappoint.

14 thoughts on “Review

  1. I'm so pleased it went well today and I hope the outcome is good. I have a related dilemma since I have 2 roles – the personal one of an advocate for dd who has autism and the professional one as a teacher with one of my remits being ASD in the school. I am confident in the professional role but less so when I'm facing the professionals.


  2. So glad to hear it. I am becoming an old hand at Statement Review (another one after half term) but they are never pleasant and often upsetting. Lunch looks lovely


  3. Cannot tell you how happy I am that things went well. The Chosen One always had to go to meetings with me regardless of what they were about because I tend to get emotional (hate that).


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