Let’s Sit and Have a Cup of Tea | February 2023

Well, hello, and thanks so much for joining me for a cup of tea. I am hoping that February is a quiet month for us, after all the highs and lows of January.

I would offer you a slice of cake to go with your tea, but we don’t have any. The desire to bake is currently hibernating and The Brainy One always says that he doesn’t need the extra calories! I can probably rustle up a biscuit or two – a Rich Tea makes for a good dunker.

How are you? How have you been? We are all a little sad just now, the death of our friend Steen affecting us more than we realised. But with half term on the horizon, we are hoping for a few days of fun and adventures to lift our spirits.

How’s the weather with you? We seem to be in a dry spell in the South East, although we could do with fewer grey skies and more sunshine. Winter in London has been manageable and signs of Spring are appearing everywhere.

The Boy is enjoying his work experience very much and also enjoyed his Sixth Form taster visit. We won’t hear until next month about a formal offer of a place, as the Local Authority has the final say and they don’t do anything in a hurry.

The Boy is also now of an age where his needs are about to be formally reassessed. You won’t believe the amount of paperwork that this requires and how long it has taken me to fill out. And don’t get me started on how much time I have spent on the phone!

Gosh, I seem to have done all the talking! I promise to be a better listener next time we meet.

This post has been brought to you in association with Deb’s invitation to share a cup of tea.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Sit and Have a Cup of Tea | February 2023

  1. How lovely to share some time with you. Baking has been put on the back burner here as well for the last couple of weeks as we decided we needed to stop overindulging on sweet things so I am happy to accept a Rich Tea, just the right kind of biscuit to dunk in a cup of tea 😉
    I don’t think we can begin to imagine the amount of admin that goes on to get that next assessment, you are certainly well versed on the routine to follow. You will need that half term of rest and adventure! Fingers crossed for a positive decision on his sixth form place.
    Thanks for joining me, and thanks for the return invitation!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! The admin nightmare has been sent off … we reached the point where we felt it all had been filled in to the best of our ability … only time will tell if we have done enough.


  2. Ah yes thanks for the tea & I’ll follow TBO’s advice about no extra calories at the moment, so no biscuits for me … well maybe one to dunk. Oh aren’t your flowers so cheerful. I think January was a difficult month for myself & many I know & that lack of sunshine or even brightness was adding to that heavy feel of January. Wonderful news that TB is enjoying his work placement. So much paperwork which will likely repeat itself page after page. I often wonder if that’s not the real test, to answer the same question asked in a different fashion time after time the same way. Well that was pleasant, thanks for tea & a natter, think I’ll see if I cannot find myself a bunch of cheerful flowers on the wander home.

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  3. Lovely to see the return of these meme, and I remember it fondly. I’ve enjoyed popping in, though I would quake at the amount of paperwork and justification needed in order to access what your young man needs – brilliant and thorough parenting :). It has been a grey month, hasn’t it; and difficult life events can weigh heavily … Your flowers are a cheering splash of colour and a reminder that life is full of change.

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