Me on Monday | 6 February

It was a week centered around the reassessment of The Boy’s needs.

  • Tilly went to the vet
  • I went to the dental hygienist
  • The Boy went to the dentist
  • School was closed due to strike action
  • I took my engagement ring back to the jeweller to be repaired
  • I sent off the completed paperwork required for The Boy’s reassessment – it took me a week to fill in
  • The Boy went to AEP
  • We went to Hughenden

6 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 6 February

  1. What’s the news on Tilly? Is she good about going to the vet? Coco hates it but she is due for another scan to see how things are going very soon.
    I bet it was chilly at Hughendon – but good to blow away the cobwebs.

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    1. Good news from the vet … his advice re the heart murmur is to simply monitor at this stage.
      Hughenden was beautiful and not too busy (we were there for opening at 10).


  2. With the teacher’s strike are they expecting a return to home schooling? or could TB do more time with his work experience. Certainly leaves parents scrambling to fill the time. OH dear another visit to the vet for Tilly – hoping everything is OK now. Let’s hope the jeweler has your ring repaired soon. Hughendon seems like a fun visit even in chilly winter.

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    1. The strike was a one day thing and WE wasn’t an option because the trains were also on strike! Still waiting to hear back from the jeweller re the £££.


  3. Gosh, that was a busy week! Well done on your young man’s work experience – such an interesting thing to do. My Dad spent some time in the design offices of Harland and Wolff (aircraft division) in Belfast as a very young man and really enjoyed it. Hoping that Tilly will be OK, and that your three pound signs will not prove to be prophetic!

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