Me on Monday | 30 January

It was a week of wintry weather, of Tilly needing a shower after her daily walks and heartbreaking news.

  • I had some routine blood tests, all within the normal parameters
  • A friend joined Tilly and me on one of our walks
  • I fitted draft excluder tape around our backdoor, simple to do and immediately blocking the drafts
  • The Boy was invited for a taster session at our preferred Sixth Form – downside, there is already a waiting list – upside, there are only two students ahead of him on it
  • We had brunch with my sister-in-love
Steen | 1969 – 2023
  • His name was Steen | our Danish friend died on Saturday night
  • The Boy went out for pizza with a friend

8 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 30 January

  1. How heartbreaking to hear of the passing of your friend, Steen. I remember it was only recently that you had a posting about his diagnosis. Too young.

    Fingers crossed that the other 2 ahead of TB for the sixth form decide to go elsewhere. Recently my friend was #6 on a waiting list for a house & within a month, she moved to #1 – so it can happen. 🙂 Yeah for good results on the blood work. We use draft excluder tape & film on windows & doors. It certainly does cut those north west winds coming across the field.

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    1. Thank you … we are still shocked and upset by the news that Steen has died. He was a wonderful man, full of joy, humour, wit and kindness. It was a privilege to have called him our friend.

      I am hoping for the same thing re the Sixth Form waiting list!
      The draft excluder tape is utterly brilliant!


  2. I’m so sorry to hear that your friend has died. Too young to leave this world.
    Fingers crossed for the waiting list to shrink – having worked in admissions in a school I know that waiting lists can change daily and I hope that he reaches the top very soon.

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