Me on Monday | 11 April

It was the first week of the Easter holidays. A week of changeable weather, daily outings and holiday homework.

  • The Boy went for his dental check-up
  • The Boy and I browsed the military book sections of Hatchards and Waterstones Piccadilly
  • The Boy and I visited the Covid Memorial on London’s South Bank
  • There was a week day walk along the Thames Path in Hammersmith (more on that coming soon)
  • There was a small box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts 🙂
  • The Boy and I went to see the very funny Phantom of the Open at the cinema and were the only ones there
  • There was a walk along the river at Strand-on-the-Green
  • The Boy and I called in at B&Q to look at paint colours
  • I discovered that our decorator has retired 😦
  • The Brainy One was notified that he had been selected for jury service
  • There was a country walk and lunch in a pub in Great Missenden
  • My God Daughter came to stay 🙂

2 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 11 April

  1. You & TB truly know how to pack adventure into a week. How disappointing that your decorator has retired. Has he left the business to sons or as capable as he, employees?

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