Sunday Sunshine

We were last at Strand-on-the-Green in February.  I gathered the troops and we were riverside in the sunshine before 10.30 am.

Lots of other people had the same idea.  Cyclists are supposed to give way to pedestrians, but that wasn’t always the case and there were a few near misses.  Don’t cyclists understand that children and dogs don’t necessarily walk in a straight line?

We were able to find an outside table at a very nice restaurant for brunch.  The first thing the waiter did was to bring a bowl of water for the pooch.  Always a good sign for any restaurant/cafe.

 ~ Mmmm, what to choose? ~
 ~ Eggs Benedict for the Brainy One ~
~ fruit, yoghurt and granola for me ~
~ toast and jam for The Boy Child ~
Both The Boy Child and I had had breakfast at 8 am.

How did you spend your Sunday?

9 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine

  1. Yours looks more relaxing than mine! I was helping at my Goddaughters 4th birthday party. 37 children and associated parents and a 'wiggle wiggle' disco!


  2. Wasn't the sunshine wonderful yesterday? We spent the morning working at the new house and the afternoon working at the current one. But also managed a walk in the woods, watched the cricket for a few minutes and had an ice cream on the patio.


  3. You certainly wouldn't have sat out in the sunshine here. It was dark and wet and it's the same today.

    It's good to know there is sun and ice cream somewhere!


  4. That looks and sounds idyllic … Love the photo of the water and the water's edge. We gardened – mot as pretty as it sounds since it was mostly about trying to keep on top of the encroaching jungle.


  5. That looks so nice. We just puttered around with chores inside and outside the house and enjoyed the Victoria Day long weekend knowing that we could take our time with the chores.


  6. Sounds like a perfect Sunday! I was up at 6am as Hugh had to go to work so I got all my jobs done early and then spent the day alternating between scrapbooking and sitting in the garden reading – very relaxing!


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